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Architectual Stones

Structural and decorative building stones from medieval and post medieval castles, abbeys, cathedrals and churches


Prehistoric, medieval and modern artefacts discovered at Historic Scotland's properties

Arms & Armour

Artillery, edge weapons, firearms and regimental equipment

Building Components

Medieval floor tiles, ceramic water pipes, drawbridge timbers, oak ceiling roundels and stained glass

Sculptured Stones

Neolithic carvings, Pictish symbol stones, early Christian crosses, funerary effigies and grave slabs

Fine & Decorative Art

Paintings, drawings and prints of people and properties Sculptures and decorative ceramics, metalwork and glass

Social History

Domestic and personal objects relating to everyday life at Historic Scotland's properties

Industrial History

Machinery, tools and objects associated with the production of iron, whisky, cotton and gas


The Stone of Destiny and The Honours of Scotland - Crown, Sceptre and Sword of State


Ship models, navigational instruments, charts and other objects relating to Scotland's seafaring heritage


Coins and tokens discovered at Historic Scotland’s properties

Books Documents & Photographs

Site archives, antiquarian books, photographs and drawings